Duomo Invitation

Duomo Invitation

Duomo Invitations - Make Yourself from just £2.80*

For Each Invitation You Will Need:

1 Rococo White Invitation (click here)
1  White Insert (click here)
35cm of 38mm Vanilla Satin Ribbon  (1 roll will make appx. 25 invitations) (click here)
1 x Duomo Ribbon Silver (click here)
1 x White Envelope (click here)

You will also need
1 Tape Runner for each 40 invitations! (click here)
If you want a high impact invitation with the minimum amount of fuss, this is the invitation for you!  This eye-catching invitation couldn't be easier to make! We've used a Nude colour ribbon against a white laser cut invitation to create a sense of timeless elegance.  But if you'd like to change the colour, please e-mail us and and we'll do our best to help. Elegant and stylish, these DIY invitations are sure to get your guests excited about your big event. 

 If you're not big on reading instructions, we've put together a quick video to show you how it's done (just press play)

You'll also need to download this template.....

Invitation Template

So Here Are The Instructions……


  1. Add all the item you need in to your basket and wait excitedly for them to arrive (don't worry....they normally arrive really quickly!!). 
  2. Download the Invitation Template.  Type your wording in the printable area and print onto the 14.5cm square card.
  3. Place your insert inside the Laser Cut Invitation and close.
  4. Cut off a piece of 38mm Vanilla ribbon appx. 35cm long.
  5. Thread your Duomo ribbon slider onto the ribbon and position it in the centre.
  6. Place your ribbon on a flat surface with the buckle facing down.  Put your invitation face down on top of the ribbon so that the buckle sits roughly in the centre (don't fuss too much about this stage because you can reposition it in a moment)
  7. Use your tape runner to run a few lines of tape at the edge of one of the loose ends of ribbon.
  8. Take the end of ribbon that doesn't not have glue on it and fold it in to the centre of your card.  Take the end of ribbon that you just glued and place it firmly on top making sure that it sits neatly.  You can trim any scruffy ends with a scissors.
  9. Turn your invitation back around so that the front is facing you and reposition the bow. .....can you believe that these fabulous invitation really are that easy to make!
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