Trade Accounts

Trade Accounts

At Imagine DIY, we have a long history of supplying and supporting businesses within the wedding and stationery market.   

One of our most celebrated Business customers is Jo Malone London who purchase our wax seal products on a regular basis.  We love seeing them used as part of their regular in-store campaigns.

If our products would be a great fit for your business, we would love to work with you.

We currently offer 3 levels of trade accounts as follows: 

Our bronze trade account will give you a 25% discount code off all products.
To qualify for a bronze account, all we would need is valid proof that you’re a business.
Once qualified, we would then look for you to work your way up to qualifying for our Silver trade account.

Our Silver trade account will give you a 35% discount code off all products.
To qualify for our silver trade account, we require an account spending of £150 within the period
of 3 months.
This can be over a numerous amount of orders, or over one large order.
Once qualified, we would expect account spending to average to around £50 per month.

Our Gold trade account will give you a 40% discount off all products.
To qualify for our gold trade account we require an account spending of £2000 per year.

We offer free delivery on orders over £75 to mainland UK after the discount has been applied.

If you would like to place a large order for one particular item, we may be able to offer a special rate of discount to your order. Please use the use the contact form below to enquire further.


Please Note

* We define a trade customer as a regular customer who meets the above spending requirements.
* We do expect trade customers to spend at least £300 a year with us. Accounts will be reviewed annually to ensure they meet our criteria. We reserve the right to cancel your discount entitlement at any time or amend the trade terms.


How To Apply:

1 - Set up a customer account using your business e-mail address (click on the little man icon).
2 - E-mail us ( from the address you've registered requesting a trade account.  Please include in the e-mail:
- Proof of trade ( an active website, social media page would be fine)
- Which level of trade account you would like to apply for.
3 - Once we have reviewed the information supplied, we will be able to set up a trade account (subject to the above conditions).  
4 - We will send an e-mail with instructions on how to claim your activated trade discount. 

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