16.5cm x 15cm Envelopes

Make It A Match

If you're in search of an envelope that complements your design, we offer the ideal choice! Select from our assortment of envelopes that flawlessly accentuate our laser cut invitations and are also suitable for other designs.
Crafted specifically for our Doily Laser Cut Ranges, the 16.5cm x 15cm envelopes are a perfect match. However, they are versatile enough to be used for other designs as well..

Button label

Make your envelopes even more interesting by adding an envelope liner.  Here’s a tutorial to show you how it’s done:

16.5cm x 15cm Envelopes

We have a range of beautiful envelopes in a variety of sizes and colours for your DIY wedding invitations and craft projects. Our 5 x 7 envelopes fit our Doily laser cut invitations perfectly.

Why not line your envelope with one of our patternedembossedtranslucentlustre and glitter or flocked papers. For help on how to line your envelope check out this helpful video.

We aim to stock all our envelopes as gummed. However for those that aren’t we recommend using our tape runner to seal them.

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