Hattie Invitation

Hattie Invitation

Hattie Invitations - Make Yourself from just £1.10*

For Each Invitation You Will Need:
1 Doily Laser Cut Invitation in Mint Green.  (click here)
1/2 sheet Polka Pink Paper (cut to 13cm x 14.5cm). (click here)

Other things you might need:
Tape runner or double sided tape  (click here)
Hot melt glue gun.  (click here)
Paper trimmer
hemp string and wooden hearts

 Oh my goodness!  Are these the cutest invitations you've ever seen?  They just radiate shabby chic charm.  The pink polka dot background works really well against the pale green while the wooden hearts set it off to perfection. If you love the design but would like it in a different colour, please get in contact and we will do our best to help.

If you're not big on reading instructions, we've put together a quick video to show you how it's done (just press play)……

You'll also need to download this template.....


We used the following fonts: Aidan Script & Apple Chancery

So Here Are The Instructions……


  1. Add all the item you need in to your basket and wait excitedly for them to arrive (don't worry....they normally arrive really quickly!!).  If you would like us to print the inserts for you, make sure you purchase the inserts PLUS the printing option for the amount of invitations you require.
  2. Download the INVITATION TEMPLATE .  Type your wording in the printable area.  (We used the following fonts........Aidan Script & Apple Chancery).  If you're printing your own inserts, you should now be ready to print and move on to the next step. 
  3. Use the tape runner to stick the printed polka dot panel to the inside panel of the laser cut invitation.
  4. Take your 2 wooden heart tags.  Holding the 2 hearts between your fingers, tie a knot to join them appx. 1.5cm above the hearts.  Hold the knot in the centre of the invitation and pass the loose ends of the cord around to the back.  Tie a knot and cut off any loose ends. .....and wow!!  You've just made your own really pretty invitation, all ready to send to your guests.  Yay!

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