How To Make Tuscany Place Card

How To Make Tuscany Place Card

How To Make Tuscany Place Card – Laser Cut Place Card With Olive Branch Graphics

These beautiful place cards and perfect for summer weddings. The olive branch graphics combined with the laser cut detailing add a real rustic charm. I've completely fallen in love with them and can't wait to see them on a beautiful wedding place setting.

The good news is that these are really easy to make at home. All you need is a Seville Laser Cut Placecard, our Tuscany Printable Template and a printer.

So why not give it a go? Here’s how………

For Each Place Card You Will Need:

1 x Seville Laser Cut Place card (click here)

1 x Tuscany Printable Template Set (1 set has all the designs for the whole range)

You’ll need to download this template…..

(download the Order of Service and Tags Template)

We used the following fonts:
Aligot de Mirabelle

So Here Are The Instructions……

  1. Download the Printable Templates File.
  2. Open up the file for the Place Card. Type your guest name in the space provided. You can now print it directly on to the place card.
  3. You will need to type and print the guest names one at a time. However, if you would prefer to just print the Olive Branch, you can print a number off at once and then hand write the names in at a later date.
  4. …'s as simple as that! Beautiful summer place cards in seconds!!!


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