How To Make Tuscany Table Name Card

How To Make Tuscany Table Name Card

How To Make Tuscany Table Name Card– Pretty Table Name Card for Summer Wedding

 To finish off the beautiful Tuscan range of wedding stationery, why not add a romantic table name card. They are a perfect way to help your guests find where they are sitting.
The pretty laser cut border, combined with the olive branch and bee graphics make this perfect for summer weddings.
These table name cards are really easy to make so why not give it a go?

For Each Table Name Card You Will Need:

1 x Seville Laser Order of Service Cover (click here)
1 sheets Matt off White A4 Card (click here)

1 x Tuscany Printable Template 
1 x Double Sided Tape Runner (click here)
1 x Paper Trimmer / Scorer

You’ll need to download this template…..


We used the following font:
Aligot de Mirabelle

So Here Are The Instructions……

  1. Download the Printable Templates File.
  2. Take your Matt Off White A4 card and use your paper trimmer to cut 2 panels, each measuring 19cm x 13.5cm
  3. Open up the file for the Table Name Card. Type your Table Name in the space provided. Once you are happy with the wording, print 2 copies (1 on each of the card panels you just cut)
  4. Take your order of service cover and use your paper trimmer to trim off the folded edge (your finished card should be 15cm wide with the laser cut edge across the top, bottom and down the long edge). Discard the excess only need the laser cut section.
  5. Take one of your printed panels and place it face down on a flat surface. Use your tape runner to run a line of tape along each outside edge and across the centre. You can now press this in to place on top of the laser cut panel (see image above).
  6. Turn the table name card over and stick the second panel to the back so that you now have a double sided table name card.
  7. Super easy......YAY!
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