How To Make - Luxury Boxed Laser Cut Invitations

How To Make - Luxury Boxed Laser Cut Invitations

Make Luxury Boxed Laser Cut Invitations

When I finished work on these stunning invitations, I literally couldn't stop looking at them. These Luxury Boxed Laser Cut Invitations are just so beautiful! But who would have thought that they would be so easy to make yourself?
The Navy Lily Laser Cut invitation works perfectly with blush pink. But if blush pink isn't your colour, this design is really easy to customise. Just change the ribbon colour and embellishment to make it sing for you.
(The Lily Laser Cut Invitation also comes in matt off white)


So Here Are The Instructions……


You Will Need:
1 Lily Laser Cut Invitation in Navy  (click here)
30cm of 16mm Rose Gold Sparkle Ribbon  (click here)
1 Eliza Embellishment  (click here)
1 Pearlised Navy Greetings Card Box   (click here)
1 Sheet of Pearlised Blush Pink Card   (click here)
1/2 sheet of Matt Off White Paper  (click here)
You Will Also Need:
Paper Trimmer
Tape Runner  (click here)
Glue Gun  (click here)


  1. First of all print your wording on to a sheet of A4 Matt Off White Paper and cut to size.  The finished size should be appx. 16.5cm x 11cm.  You should be able to fit 2 panels on to each sheet.
  2. Secondly use your paper Trimmer to cut 2 pieces of Precious Pink Card to the following sizes:
    - 18cm x 12.5cm
    - 17cm x 11.5cm
  3. Then open up your laser cut invitation. Use your tape runner to stick the large panel of card on to the inside of the invitation.
  4. After you sticked the large panel on to your invitation stick the smaller panel of card on top of the larger panel. Then stick the printed invitation panel on top of the smaller panel of card.
  5. Close your invitation.
  6. Also cut off a section of Rose Gold Sparkle Ribbon and tie a neat bow (I like to use the bunny ear method). The finished bow should measure appx. 7cm wide. Cut off the ends of the bow into neat v shapes.
  7. Use your glue gun to stick the Eliza Embellishment on top of the bow.
  8. Finally assemble your card box and place your invitation inside.

It really is as easy as that!

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