How to Make...Glamorous Laser Cut Invitation with Sparkle

How to Make...Glamorous Laser Cut Invitation with Sparkle

You Can Make Glamorous Laser Cut Invitation with Sparkle at Home

I adore the sophistication of laser cut wedding stationery. Adding a beautiful embellishment is a perfect finishing touch.
This simple design is easy to replicate at home. Your guests will love it. Why not give it a go?
You can easily customise this design by changing the colours or embellishment to create something unique to you.


1 x Jaipur Laser Cut Invitation in Navy  (click here)
1 x Ella embellishment  (click here)
1 sheet of pearlised ivory card  (click here)
1/2 sheep of pearlised navy card  (click here)
1 meter of 25mm wide Navy ribbon  (click here)

Other Things You Might Need:

Paper Trimmer
Tape runner or double sided tape  (click here)
Glue gun  (click here)


Here’s How You Do It:
  1. Print your wording on to a sheet of Orchid Sparkle Card and cut down to size. The finished size should be 10cm x 10cm. (If you print at the top of the sheet, you will have enough left over at the bottom to use as your backing layer).
  2. Cut a piece of Pearlised Navy Card 10.5cm x 10.5cm.
  3. Cut a piece of Orchid Sparkle Card 14.7cm x 14.7cm (cut from the piece you have left over from printing)
  4. Use double sided tape to layer the panels on to the inside panel of the laser cut invitation. Start with the large Card Panel, then the navy, then the printed panel. Make sure you line the borders up evenly
  5. Fold the flaps of the invitation to the centre (so that it looks closed)
  6. Cut a piece of Navy Ribbon appx. 35cm long. Lay it on a flat surface. Place your invitation on top of the centre of the ribbon. The ribbon will need to match the centre of your card.
  7. Fold the edges of the ribbon in to the centre of the laser cut invitation. Hold down the left side and use a piece of double sided tape to secure the right side on top. The join should be at the front centre of your card (it will soon be covered with a bow). Make sure that you don’t pull it too tight as you secure it. You need to make sure it’s tight enough to stay on but loose enough to slide off.
  8. Make an 8cm Dior Bow from the navy ribbon. If you are not sure how to make a Dior bow, you can use the simple technique shown in this video:

  9. Use your glue gun to stick the Dior Bow on top of the ribbon. Make sure that the bow sits in the centre. (It is important that you do not spill any glue on to the invitation.)
  10. Use your glue gun to stick the Ella embellishment on to the front of the Dior Bow.

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