Best Glue for Glitter Paper and Glitter Card

Best Glue for Glitter Paper and Glitter Card

We're often asked "What is the best glue for glitter paper and glitter card. So we thought we'd help you out and write a quick blog post to help you out.

Glitter paper and glitter card can be tough to stick because it's not a completely smooth surface. So often, normal double sided tapes just don't give a strong enough hold. And many of the standard craft glues available on the market don't offer a secure enough bond. As you would expect, we've tried all sorts of glues and most of them fail the test. But we're confident we've found the best glue for glitter paper and card.

"What is it?" I hear you cry!

Unlike normal Double Sided Tape, High Tack Double Sided Tape is super strong. So it gives the extra strength you need to stick glitter paper and glitter card. The strength of the adhesive means that it also works well to glue ribbon or fabric on to card.
It really is a fabulous glue for DIY wedding invitations, card making and craft projects. It's permanent and acid-free and is strong enough to use on any of the following surfaces:
- Card and Paper
- Glitter card and Paper
- Textured card and paper
- Board
- Plastic
- Flexible Film

As a last tip, when you use High Tack Double Sided Tape, once you press it firmly into place, it's nearly impossible to remove without damaging your card or paper. So as your positioning your work, make sure you don't press it firmly into place until you're happy with it's position.

If you want to see how we've used the High Tack Double Sided Tape to make an invitation with Glitter Card AND ribbon, here's a video that will talk you through the whole process (apologies for the dodgy Welsh accent!).


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