Our Top 5 Design Tips for Amazing Stationery

Our Top 5 Design Tips for Amazing Stationery

Our Top 5 Design Tips for Amazing Stationery

We often get asked for advice on how to make or design wedding stationery so our Top 5 Design Tips for Amazing Stationery has been written to help you design and create your own. These tips concentrate on planning your invitations. Never underestimate the value of good planning. It will be the difference between good invitations and great invitations.

1 - Don't just order a load of products and hope for the best. Do some research. Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration. Use a suitable search term (e.g "summer wedding invitations") and add all the styles and ideas you like to a mood board. Once you have a load of images in your mood board, you can start choosing which styles or designs would work best for your wedding.

2 - Once you have decided a style, draw a rough sketch of what you would like. Include information on colours, finishes and products that you would like to have on your invitation and stationery. Now you can start shopping (yay!!).

3 - With your idea in mind, check out DIY wedding stationery websites (of course Imagine DIY is the best one but you can waste your time checking others too ;) ). If you can't find exactly what you need, you can widen your search to craft shops and haberdashers.

4 - Place a sample order to start with. Unless you are in a massive rush, we generally advise against ordering everything all at once. This will give you the chance to work with the products and put your idea in to reality. I can't tell you how many times I've had a great idea in my head and then when I come to actually make it, it just doesn't work. Once you have your prototype, you can then decide if you need to change, add or remove any of the elements of your design. Your prototype doesn't need to be precise but when it comes to making your actual wedding stationery, there are some things you really need to take seriously (we'll tell you more about that in the top tips post!)
5 - Work out your guest list and how many invitations you will need (remember that you won't need an invitation for each guest!!). Always add a few extra on top because in our experience, the guest list often changes as people drop out or new friend are made along the way.
Once you have worked out how many invitations you need, make a list of all the products and amounts you will need to make them. Again, we would suggest adding on a few extra's in case you make some mistakes. Armed with this information, you can now order or buy all the items you need.

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