Top Tip - Bunting for Wedding Stationery

Top Tip - Bunting for Wedding Stationery

Make stunning low-cost Bunting for Wedding Stationery perfect for summer, garden, vintage and shabby chic weddings.

When I think about summer weddings, nothing captures the mood quite like bunting. It conjures up the idea of garden parties, pimms and lemonade and croquet and cocktails on the lawn! Now here is the guide to make low-cost Bunting for Wedding Stationery.
So to get you in the mood for your Spring or Summer wedding, we wanted to show off this cute bunting top tip for you to copy at home. The great thing about this design is that because it’s all mix and match, you can use different papers and different colours to suit the mood of your day.


We used a selection of our pretty printed papers to make the bunting.   Click Here To View Our Range

This range is a little bit fiddly to make but on the plus size, it’s a very low cost way to make wedding stationery.
Whilst I used a sizzix machine to make the bunting, if you make a cardboard template, you can easily hand cut the bunting triangles yourself.
So I’ll tell you how to make the bunting using a sizzix machine and also hand cutting.


  1. If you choose to hand cut your bunting, it will take you a little more time that using a sizzix machine but you can still get a good result.
  2. First you need to draw out your triangle on a piece of card.
  3. As a rough rule, the 2 longer sides of each triangle should be appx. 1.5 times longer than the top of the triangle. So if the top of your triangle is 2cm wide, each side should be 3cm long.
  4. You will need a ruler, pencil and scissors. To make it easy to explain, I will use the measurements just given but you can adjust them to the size of the bunting you require.
  5. First draw the top line of the triangle horizontally across the card 2cm wide. Draw a mark exactly half way across the line you have just drawn (1cm). You now need to draw a straight line down the page from the mark you just made. You should now have what looks like a “T” shape.
  6. Holding the top of your ruler (where the measurements start) against one of the outside edges of the top line of your triangle, move it in to place so that it meets the vertical line to the measurement you need (3cm). You can now draw the line.
    All you need to do to finish your template is join the last 2 points. You should now have a triangle shape that measures 2cm across the top and 3cm down each side.
  7. Use your scissors to cut out the shape.
  8. To use your template, simply place it on top of your paper, use a pencil to draw around the edges and use a scissors to cut around the line you have drawn.
    As a quick tip, you should be able to hold about 4 pieces of paper together and cut them all at the same time.



  1. As you might have guessed, the Sizzix method is much quicker but it will cost you more.
  2. You will need a Sizzix Machine and some bunting dies. I used the Sizzix Framelits Plus Bunting Die Set. The great thing about this is that it gives you 10 different size options so you can make full size bunting or tiny little bunting very easily.
  3. All you need to do is cut your paper to sightly larger than the size of the die. Place the paper on to the cutting pad. Put your selected die face down on top of the paper. Place your second cutting pad on top and then just feed it through the Sizzix Machine. You should be able to cut about 4 pieces each time. It really is very simple.


  1. Selecting your pieces of bunting (depending on the size you have chosen). Arrange them so that they curve across the front of the card or stationery you are working on. Once you are happy with how they are placed, you can then use your double sided tape to stick them in to place.
  2. As a nice finishing touch, I have added some pink hemp cord. This is quite a fiddle so if you don’t fancy doing that, you can achieve a similar effect by using a fine liner to draw across the top of the bunting.
  3. To use the hemp cord, tie a knot in one end. Use your glue gun to stick the knot in to place at the edge of the card. Carefully use the glue gun to stick along the edge of the cord and press in to place at the top of the bunting. Once you reach the opposite side of the card, tie another knot as close as you can to the edge of the card and cut off any loose ends. Use the glue gun to secure it.

So it's that easy to make your own bunting for wedding stationery!

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