January Winners 2016

January Winners 2016

Imagine DIY Wedding Design Competition

Congratulations to these three designers!! We loved your use of our products and hope you enjoy spending your £25 voucher for our online shop.

January Winners 2016!


This pretty designs were created by Caprice from So Inviting Invitations. We loved the use of our Beatrice Linen patterned paper, and our crystal and pearl round and oval embellishments. Very nice, thank you for sending this in Caprice!

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So Inviting invitations

We love her use of the following items:
Beatrice Linen Paper.  (click here)
Crystal and Pearl Oval.  (click here)
Crystal and Pearl Round.  (click here)

Beatrice Linen Paper BUY
Crystal and Pearl oval BUY
Crystal and Pearl round BUY


This elegant design was created by Jess Dollimore. We just loved the use of our Extravaganza Laser Cut invitation and insert in ivory. The large double dior bows could also be made from our satin ribbon in ivory to match. Very classic in the bridal ivory colours, thank you so much for sending this in Jess! Stunning.

We love her use of the following items:

Extravaganza Laser Cut Invitation in Ivory.  (click here)
Pre cut insert in Ivory.  (click here)
Ivory satin ribbon 38mm.    (click here)


These crafty creations were created by Sharon Pattinson. We loved the use of our Booklet Pocket invitations, kraft card and paper, Seine lace and 4mm self adhesive pearls. Lovely designs perfect for rustic themed weddings. Thank you for sending this in Sharon!

We love her use of the following items:

Booklet pocket invitation in Pearlised Ivory.  (click here)
A4 Kraft Paper.  (click here)
A4 Kraft Card.  (click here)
Seine Lace.  (click here)
4mm self adhesive pearls.  (click here)

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Competition winner using extravaganza last cut wedding invitation.  WowVow

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