Trends: Petal Wedding Confetti

Trends: Petal Wedding Confetti

Natural Petal Wedding Confetti Hand Picked and Mixed to Match your Perfect Wedding Colours!

Confetti?  Simple isn’t it…guests bring it with them to your wedding and throw it when the photographer tells them to?  Wrong…there is so much more to confetti, which I never knew until I met these guys from Shropshire Petals at the National Wedding Show in the NEC, Birmingham, and learnt all about their petal wedding confetti.
Until a few years ago, it was usually the guests who brought confetti to a wedding, however with couples wanting to choose their own confetti to match their wedding theme (and for those perfect photo moments), now they provide it.  But with so much more choice, how do you choose your confetti?

Choose natural petal confetti

Churches and venues prefer natural petal confetti to the paper or synthetic types. At my friends wedding last year we had to wait outside the church grounds to throw our paper confetti, so I can definitely see how this has an effect on the day. As petals are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly, it is just like blossom falling from a tree, there is no cleaning up required and it isn’t harmful to animals that may pick it up. 

Choosing your colours

Pick and mix your unique confetti mix using the Shropshire Petals online tool, where you can play with colours and create a mix to match or contrast your wedding them.  With more choice of cones and the large selection of petals, you will find the perfect colours for your special day. They gave out free samples at the show and had a stunning display of all their colours and a colour confetti bar. You can also get free samples here.

As the 2016 wedding colours are expected to be pastel tones with aspects of darker colours such as coffee and navy, Shropshire Petals have now launched their new confetti cone collection, perfect for 2016 weddings.
Inspired by the stunning tones from the 2016 wedding colour palette, the new collection includes, navy, brown craft, yellow, grey, blue, pink, lilac and green confetti cones, as well as their iconic white confetti cone. Each cone is embossed with the Shropshire Petals flower, giving them a subtle texture.

Choose how much you need

Deciding how much confetti to order can be difficult. They have developed a confetti calculator, which allows you to enter your wedding details including how many guests you are having and what your want your petals for.  It will then tell you how much you will need to order.  As a guide, for throwing confetti, normally half of your guests will throw (usually the ladies), which will also give you an idea of how much to order

Use confetti for decorating

If you want to use confetti for decorating your reception tables and venue, larger petals work really well. Scatter them over a crisp white tablecloth for a colour splash on your tables or place them in a circle around your table centrepieces to create a pretty frame.

I hope this has enlightened you into the world of confetti! We love the petals, and you can see we have started to use some in our product images in the Laser Cut category on our website.

For more information about Shropshire Petals and their new cones, please visit

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