test-Wedding Place Card Gallery

 Keep guests organised with a named wedding place card - following your carefully arranged seating plan!

Find ideas for your wedding place card here... [smart-grid last_row="justify" captions="false" lightbox="none"] [gallery columns="2" link="file" ids="43365,58877,40912,35277,30435,25700,29126,29899,26999,25745,27032,20673,19175,22726,8340,16286,8290,15091,10444,13141,14463,6224,14378,10899,13611,4064,3547,6225,5993"] [/smart-grid] Arranging guests in a seating plan can take some serious strategic thinking- making sure everyone is happy (and sometimes to avoid conflict), so having place cards helps direct guests to their carefully positioned seats. Place cards can be more than just a guests name. Add the guests menu choices to the back (to remind your guests and to inform caterers of their dietary requirements/choices)- This helps with the smooth catering operations. You could even double up a favour box as a place card? Why don’t you make the wedding place card to match your wedding style and theme? Give your guests a sneak peek into your big day, PLUS coordinating your invitations and stationery make for wonderful keep sakes for your wedding album Have a look at some of our designs showcasing our products and click through to the design guides to help you make your own wedding place cards. Also read our DIY Top Tips blog for help, or follow us on Pinterest for colour and wedding theme inspiration. SaveSave

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