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Wax Seal Gun

Wax Seal Gun

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Wax Seal Gun

Wax Seal Gun by The Natural Paper Company.
The perfect tool to make Wax Seals quickly and easily.
These tools are designed to fit 11mm wax sticks (all the wax sticks sold on our website are 11mm)
A sealing wax gun is great for quick production of a lot of stamps making it perfect for DIY wedding stationery makers.
The gun can be set at a low temperature making it perfect for use with sealing wax and stamps.
Set to about 130.  You can adjust it up and down depending on how the wax responds.
Just add the wax to the gun.  In a few minutes, the wax should be ready to use (you'll know it's ready when you can easily squeeze the trigger).  Squeeze the wax onto the desired location; press the stamp onto the wax and allow to dry for a few seconds.
- You will need 2 wax sticks in the gun to make it work properly.  One will be melting and the other one will help to feed the wax stick through the gun.   So make sure that you order at least 2 wax sticks.
- These guns are AWESOME for mass production of stamps.  BUT if you are changing wax colours often, please bear in mind that it takes a while for the colour to clear out of the gun.  So you can expect to waste 1 wax stick each time you change wax colours.
- If you are changing wax colours often, you might want to consider purchasing multiple guns and keeping one for each colour.  Alternatively, if you are producing wax seals in a smaller quantity, you could consider a wax furnace and spoon instead.

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Imagine DIY wax seal used by Jo Malone

Suppliers to Jo Malone London

Imagine DIY are proud suppliers to the fabulous perfumers Jo Malone. Our wax products are used in their stores throughout UK and Ireland to support their gift wrapping service.

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